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SKU: SA-ZONG01139L18

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Product Description

Earthy, abundant Virgo, you are the guardian of ethics and integrity. Greek lore links you to Persephone, the eternal maiden and daughter of harvest goddess Demeter. Protecting purity is your path—you want everything in its virginal state. The sacred sapphire is your stone, a gem believed to bring spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Sun goes into Virgo: August 22nd - September 21st Words that describe you: Analytical, Methodical, Intuitive and Giving Zodiac Birthstone: Sapphire – Stone of Prosperity Your Element: Earth Vibration: Compassionate and caring Life Pursuit: Doing the right thing Virgo Secret Desire: To give and receive love Ruling Planet: Mercury - Movement, Concepts - 18” chain length - 18kt gold plated and gunmetal over brass - .8” diameter MSRP $119.00