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SKU: SA-ZONG01105L18

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Product Description

When love goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros leapt into the ocean, they took the shape of twin fish—and the legend of Pisces was born. Dreamy and compassionate, the Sea of Love is the water in which you swim. Esoteric and adventurous, you prefer to flow wherever the tide takes you. Fittingly, Aquamarine is your sign’s stone, a gem that heightens mystical awareness and fosters clear communication. Sun goes into Pisces February 18th – March 19th Words that describe you: Empathetic, Loving, Intuitive, and Dreamy Zodiac Birthstone: Aquamarine – Stone of Courage Your Element: Water Vibration: Variable energy levels Life Pursuit: Feeling connected to others and the world at large Pisces Secret Desire: Living their dreams Ruling Planet: Neptune - Inspiration, Dreams - 18” chain length - 18kt gold plated and gunmetal over brass - .8” diameter  MSRP $119.00