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SKU: SA-ZONG01167L18

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Product Description

Diamonds are an Aries’ best friend, and your dazzling intensity hypnotizes the masses. Like this impervious gemstone—which is known for promoting clear vision—you are as resilient as they come. Like the mythological Ram, you’ll mine the world for magic, weaving threads of your legendary golden fleece through all that you do. Sun goes into Aries: March 20th - April 18th Words that describe you: Generous, Eager, Outspoken and Open-hearted Zodiac Birthstone: Diamond – Stone of Purity Your Element: Fire Vibration: Enthusiastic Life Pursuit: The thrill of each moment Aries Secret Desire: Leading the way for others Ruling Planet: Mars -Strength, Self Determination - 18” chain length - 18kt gold plated and gunmetal over brass - .8” diameter  MSRP $119.00